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Hey Guys, Chances if you read this blog post now that you have a diablo 3 annoying lag and i say annoying because i have been through this major problem 2 weeks ago and this lag was just ruining my gameplay to the point that i was really tired from it :(  but by a chance and while i was searching for a fix on the internet i have found a proven method to fix diablo 3 lag forever, this method really works because i have tried it myself and now i am playing pretty much all my online games with no lag at all!, seems awesome isn't it? :) and now i will teach you how i applied this method to eliminate this annoying lag.

1st & before we dive in to the method i want to make sure that you have applied the known simple steps to decrease online gaming lag.

Please Apply The Following Steps:

  • Turn down your graphics in the game settings.
  • Make sure that all your drivers are up to date.
  • Change your pc theme to classic and you can do this from "System Properties>> Advanced >> Performance >> Settings >> Adjust For Best Performance ".
  • Change the priority of diablo 3 to "High" at the "Task Manager" (((Hint: Don't make it "Realtime" it will make the game lag more!))).
  • Download gamebooster & install it from here.

Now & after you have finished the above steps it's the time to download my secret guide :) just enter your name & email below to download the diablofixer guide & if you faced any problems please let me know by contacting me through this email : spark_87@ymail.com

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